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2017 Wedding Reel

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Security Deposit

We require a 50% down deposit for booking.

Final Payment Due

The final payment will be posted the day the videos are sent. Included is a 30-Day grace period. Tax included on all purchases.

Additional Details


We include the use of aerial drone videography as part of our wedding packages. Due to certain FAA legality restrictions, we need 90 days notice before flying, in case we need a waiver for flying in airspace that is otherwise unauthorized, or for operating at night.


We cannot use music that you hear on the radio or on music streaming services without the rights to that particular song. We provide a library of creative commons tracks to help set the perfect mood for your wedding video.

Mic'd Up

During your ceremony, we have the option to mic up the front of the ceremony so that clean audio can be captured and used for the edits.

Types of Videos

Our recap videos range from 2-4 minutes, and full feature videos will depend on the length of the actual event.


How Are Videos Delivered?

We are very flexible in terms of how you'd like to receive your videos. We can send you a digital copy for use on social media. Built in to the package you have the option of doing either digital delivery or 1 Blu-Ray copy. If you'd like to purchase additional Blu-Ray's, they are $25 + tax.

Video Hosting

We can make all the footage taken on your wedding day available at your fingertips. Contact now for more information.


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