Early Days

Earl and Jaden Moody started their filming careers by stealing their mom's camera to film random acts. Taking inspiration from movies and tv shows, they tested camera techniques and technical processes most other children wouldn't think to spend time on.

When the Moody brothers went into grade school, at separate grades, they choose to do every project they could with a video, even knowing at the time this was the way to engage with an audience better than any other medium.

It wasn't until a senior project opened their eyes to the possibilities their skill sets could manage to do.

Open For Business

Starting with only their moms camera borrowed during film days, they started with humble beginnings and the desire to make the highest quality product possible. They opened for business in February 2015 with the name MOODYLOGiC LLC.

Not knowing much of the business world, they quickly tried to gather mentors from different industries. Soaking in as much information about what it takes to run a successful business. 

On To Bigger and Better Things

Over the years they started to attract the likes of Roasters Coffee, Smile-A-Mile Painting, Joe Peterson Insurance, I3-Global, and more. In February 2017 they have taken their knowledge learned and opened up an office in Kennewick, Washington. With the same goal still in mind, to produce the highest quality videos the Tri-Cities has ever seen.